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Blockage Removal Process

Sometimes your money just does not come to you. Be it your inheritance, retirement benefit, insurance claim, share of profit, sale proceeds or just the amount you gave to your best friend. That is “money block”. It can happen due to many reasons. And if you are suffering from money blocks throughout your life, then chances are that its Karmic in nature and came with you from your earlier birth.

Our family has been doing esoteric divine healing to remove money, finance and wealth blockage removal since last 224 years.

Numerous families, individuals, and businesses have prospered with our healing. Whether cashing out from companies or Employee Stock Options, finding a buyer or seller of goods or house, or receiving insurance claims, or getting share of wills or legacy–there is no end to ways in which our healing services can be used to augment your financial luck.

What we need?
If the blockage removal is for a person then we will require the person’s photograph in certain specifications (mentioned during email correspondence) and a few strands of hair or nail clippings of the person. If it is about blockage removal of a business or any other commercial matters, we will need mud or dirt from the location along with the logo, brand name and photo of the office building or the office room.

What do we do then?
Once the photos are received by email and the physical samples are received in our address by FEDEX or DHL, we start the healing process of blockage removal. Its a 24/7, 365 days healing process through specially created Yantrams and Mantras that are daily revived and kept alive and activated for the client. Even blocks like mountains start dissolving in this process. There are no restrictions of faith, lifestyle or daily routine except that drinking alcohol and becoming tipsy is not permitted or doing any recreational drugs.

1 Year Service Fee for any one person or business or client — USD 730

2 Year Service Fee for any one person or business or client — USD 1270

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